Columbia Physics System (CPS)

CPS is developed for lattice QCD and written by C++, with some machine-specific assembly routines. It is being developed by members of Columbia University, Brookhaven National Laboratory and UKQCD. 

Currently,  IBM BG/{L,P,Q}, workstations (single node or with QMP) are supported platforms.
CPS repository has been migrated to git. You can find the publicly available git repository in CPS git repository.
The latest tarball is also available here.
Also, doxygen-generated user manual and reference manual are available.
These are generated by running "gmake docs" after configure.

Please refer to README file in the top directory of cps_pp checkout for how to compile.

Please contact Chulwoo Jung ( if you  have any suggestions/questions/complaints.

Last modified: Sep.  2, 2016