US DOE QCDOC Accounts at BNL

The first step to getting an account at BNL is to send your name, email address and institutional affiliation to Robert Mawhinney at

The second step, done after receiving an acknowledgement for step one, is to request a guest registration at Brookhaven. Starting from the main BNL web page
look for the "BNL Site Access" heading on the left of the page and choose the guest registration link. You must fill out the information requested on this form. The
sample registration form gives the appropriate information to enter regarding BNL departmental association, type of research, etc. This step will result in you receiving a guest ID.

The third step, which requires your guest ID, is to take CyberSecurity Training and request a computer account. Please go to the
BNL Information Technology Division Account Management Office web page.
You must now complete the required CyberSecurity training indicated on this page. After completing the CyberSecurity training, you can request an account. You only need your guest ID to request an account.

Last modified: January   7, 2005